CMA Inter Company Account And Auditing By CA/CMA Santosh Kumar , CA/CS/CMA Priyanka Saxena

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CMA Inter Group 2 Company Account And Auditing  full course video lecture by CA/CMA Santosh Kumar available in drive and pen drive mode with hardbooks. These lectures are beneficial for the Dec 2021/June 22 attempt. 

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    Faculty CA/CMA Santosh Kumar , CA/CS/CMA Priyanka Saxena
    Course CMA Inter
    Subject Company Account And Auditing
    Mode Drive- Pendrive
    Applicable attempt June 22 - Dec 21
    Language Hindi - English Mix
    Study Material Hard Books
    Number of Hours 193 Hours
    Number of Lectures 105 Lectures
    Delivery Duration 6 to 7 Days Depend on Location
    Amendments On Youtube
    Runs Laptop / Mobile (some Specific)
    Technical Details <p>Once installed on a particular Laptop or Mobile, the same cannot be used on a different device.<br />Simultaneous login on both Android App and Laptop is not permitted. Machine on which the application is installed once cannot be changed.&a